Charlotte Painting

Another Treespeake Creation Coming to Life

GT: I live and work in East Devon and am very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and warm, caring people. From my lovely attic studio, I create acrylic paintings on canvas of “fantasy” trees where words or phrases are hidden within the branches. These words reflect a feeling of peace and are mainly spiritual in nature.

My work is inspired by the tree drawings of J.R.Tolkien and the ethos of the art work of Ed Org.  My love of nature also plays a big part and I try to capture an essence of a particular season or time of day in my paintings. I am constantly looking at trees; at how they are formed and the different light that plays upon them.

From my paintings, I also produce cards and prints. The cards may be suitable for people in need of a little comfort or peace perhaps after a bereavement, during difficult times or may be passed on just as a simple token of friendship and love.

Art is a great gift for which I am truly grateful and I hope my work expresses a little something that may “speake” to others.